Massage & Relaxation


$85 / 60 minutes

$75 Monthly Massage available

Licensed Massage Therapist on staff with years of experience that specialize in Swedish, trigger point, myofascial release, prenatal, geriatrics and deep tissue massages.

Come relax, improve your overall wellness by relieving pain, sooth your injuries, increase relaxation and improve your circulation. You can add hypervolt deep tissue machine or a variety of aromatherapies to your experience.

Pregnancy Massage – must be 12 weeks.

No minor children


$30 / 30 minutes

A luxurious, full body, powered massage system ergonomically situated within a personal pod with a wellness exercise system and adjustable thermal dual heat sauna. You customize and perfectly personalize the features to create a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind and body – Enter the ultimate healthy lifestyle system for overall holistic fitness, mind-body wellness improvement and weight management: the Cocoon Fitness POD


$30/30 minutes

The high-performance 4D massage chair is expertly crafted by master Japanese technicians and is the first Japanese massage chair to ever feature a foot roller. The chair features the world’s most advanced dual layer body scan and the most advanced 4D style massage robot. The chair can auto detect your spine and shoulder position to optimize the depth and specific pressure points of the massage, giving you a personalized massage experience every time.

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